August 2021

5 Steps I use to combat burnout


Burnout is a silent killer - sometimes, you wouldn't know it has hit you until you are down. In my first season into farming, I had a rude awakening to burnout and had to make sure I take necessary adjustments and steps to navigate past it, if it ever I it returns. My steps below, [...]

5 Steps I use to combat burnout2021-08-24T18:57:58+00:00

March 2021

What If, We The People


It has always disheartened me that farmers feel the need to compete with one another. Can’t we all just get along, lol? My dream is a farming production world where competing isn’t so much of a thing. That said, as I’ve contemplated the issue more closely, I now better understand how a competition mindset [...]

What If, We The People2021-07-21T09:59:25+00:00
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