January 2021

2021 Fifth Growing Season


This will be our second season growing during covid lockdown. This season comes with its challenges as for starters, we lost our propagation greenhouse last season. One of the greatest challenges we have faced continually in urban farming is the fact that we don’t own most of our growing space. In 2021, we have [...]

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January 2020

2020 Fourth Growing Season


This year was the greatest test we ever had. It was the Covid 19 lockdown year Winters are normally when we recuperate, rebuild ourselves through seminars, books, training and take the time to review our farm operations. Crop Planning is what takes most of our time, and with urban farming, having locked down growing [...]

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February 2017

2017 First Growing Season


I came into this season with all the intentions of starting big, guns blazing! I had all the ideas - but with the entrepreneurial ‘tech brain’ startup mentality. I didn’t know that this was the season in my life that my two worlds were about to collide. After all the research I had done into [...]

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September 2016

2016 Starting Zawadi Farm


After arriving in Canada, in the summer of 1999, I was chasing after a dream I had about the merger of the internet and the television. A dream that had plagued me while living in Nairobi, Kenya, and the only course available in the whole entire world, at that time, was being offered in Etobicoke, [...]

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